Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feeling guilty about my verbal assault on the magazine subscription company representative

Okay, here's the back story: About two years ago, a very nicely dressed man rang my doorbell and charmed me into buying a magazine subscription. It never showed up. A few months later, another salesman rang the bell and I dispatched him quickly, saying it's too bad someone else didn't do their job right. Then six months ago, another salesman rang the bell, this time getting Shane to buy a subscription to Men's Journal. (These were very nice men, telling us they had big goals in life and what advice would we give to someone trying to turn their life around, etc.). This time I was ready. I saved the receipt and waited three months to be sure there was no magazine. I called the number, complained, and the lady assured me she would process the order. Three months go by and still no magazine.

So yesterday, I start doing a little research on the company and discover they have an F from the BBB and the owners of the company have a history of hiring ex-cons who have literally KILLED people while going door to door:

Now I'm irate. Being the very reasonable person I am, I look up the owner's address on the white pages so I can call them at home. The address is the same as the one on the sales receipt I have, so I'm not feeling totally stalker-like. A woman answers the phone with the name of the company, "New Beginnings Enterprises..." I (very calmly) say that I'm calling to get a refund of my $40. She launches into an explanation that she works in HR and can't help me, that I called the wrong 800 number, that she wasn't even in Ohio but Michigan, etc. I tell her, no, I did not call the 800 number but a private home number in Ohio and I very much believed she had the ability to help me. A not-so-calm exchange ensues with her telling me that she just started working there anyway, how dare I call her, and then I said you shouldn't work at this company because it's no good, and then she hung up on me.

I reconsider my approach. While I could calling that home phone number daily (tempting) I decide to submit a claim with the Better Business Bureau and then report the company fraudulent to my bank, which then reimburses my $40 into the account while they research the check and the company. Satisfied, I go about my day. Heh heh heh.

This morning, I go to the mailbox to retrieve yesterday's mail, only to find a brand new copy of this month's Men's Journal. oops.

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