Wednesday, February 8, 2012

E for Effort

I managed to maintain a verrrry calm demeanor all day long. Even as the kids were doping around before school, I was cool and collected. Soft voices. Even when I found a huge dry-erase board broken in two in the basement, merely a quiet "come. on." escaped. Even when I found the bathroom soap dispenser (new as of yesterday) de-topped and dumped out, the mirror apparently wiped down with a soapy hand towel, I held a very meaningful but even-tempered discussion with the offender about how this special soap keeps us from getting sick so please don't dump it out any more. Through dinner, lounging, homework and bedtime stories, everything went as planned. Yet in the last three minutes, I succumbed to grumpy lady while granting access to yet another bathroom trip and a bedtime banana snack. In that moment, I felt like I undid the whole day. WHYYYY?? Why is it so hard to hang on for those very last few moments?! And what's more important, constant cool-the-day mom or someone who can end the party on a high note? I think I'll try a 20-minute decompression period just before bedtime. Is that why guys take 20-minute post dinner dumps? Are they in there just so they can reset to normal? I think I'm on to something...

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