Sunday, April 29, 2012

Impressions of New York

I went to the ASJA Writers Conference this weekend in New York City. I've been to NYC a half dozen times as an adult and I always love it. The energy, the lights, the accessibility, the people watching, the ability to booze at will without having to think about driving.

This time around, I learned a few things:
* When the cab drops you off at your destination, make sure that you are actually at your destination (especially BEFORE you give him a tip!). After exiting a cab on Saturday night, my friends and I were a bit disheartened (er, pissed) to discover that we were still over five blocks away from the hotel. I don't know if was our company, the time of day, or my story about suspicious cab drivers who might kidnap you, but this guy wanted us out.

* It's okay to order a platter of food if you're doing it at an Indian restaurant. At Denny's, a platter of food will earn you an extra five pounds on your rumpus, but at an Indian restaurant, it gets you lots of vegetable options. Tasty ones.

* Hotel guests in NYC apparently don't need as much shampoo as the rest of the human race. Nor do their bodies require body lotion. I lube'd up one appendage per day. (Oh, get your mind out of the gutter. Arms and legs! I'm a woman, not a 12-year old boy!)

* I still can't understand how a talented street artist can capture your absolute likeness with pencil for $25, while some other guy hires assistants to paint dots on canvas and he's celebrated all over the world. I'm not sure what's worse -- that this dichotomy exists, or that I haven't taken advantage of it. (I'm extremely good at dots. Caricatures, not so much.)

In all, I love New York for all its glamour and crazy. But I'm glad to be back in Utah enjoying the sunshine, towering trees in the yard and the sweet smell of lavender and freshly-cut grass. And my humungous bottles of shampoo.

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