About Lindsay

I'm dressed to impress in a Target pajama ensemble from four years ago--the shirt is light yellow with silver and pink swirls on it...or so I thought when I bought it. It took standing in front of the mirror to see that the swirls formed a loose outline of a unicorn. Uni!! And so my life goes--noticing magical things only when I slow down and reflect. I do a lot of frenetic parenting, wifing, and working--drop off, pick up, shovel food, launder, de-gross, billpay, emote, imbibe, task, succeed. This blog is for the stepping back, the reflecting, re-being the intelligent and sometimes inappropriately funny chick. And for describing the spritely creatures that inhabit my house (three-year-old and 18-month-old daughters), and to show myslf and Mr. Logical Husband (I failed Intro to Logic in college, so this is a compliment) that my creative juices still got it goin' on.