About Stacey

I'm a freelancer writer/editor who lives near Salt Lake City, Utah. I have two kids, ages 5 and 7, and have been married for over 12 years. (WHAAAT?) I'm not Mormon, but some of my closest neighbors are. Does that qualify me as an expert to answer weird questions from people all over the place? Sometimes. For example, someone asked me recently if everyone in Utah has multiple wives. The answer to that one is.... No. It's illegal. And anyway I'm fairly certain most men would rather NOT be emotionally responsible for more than one woman at a time, unless they happen to choose very docile and boring ladies. I am not docile and I try not to be boring, though I can be quiet and enjoy reading a book. My kids are the most interesting, funny, complex and amazing people I know. I enjoy spending my days acting as cruise director to my lively crew.