Friday, January 13, 2012

Wiiiiiiiinnneeee. It is my truth serum. I love tv. More specifically, I love the real housewives of bev hills, and I love The Office, and I love Up All Night. The latter is Christina Applegate acting the part of MMMEEEEE. I didn't know that NBC had been following me on my nonexistent blog, or on nonexistent cameras in my house. Big, nay, HUGE opportunities for growth at work...but I still want my Mondays with my daughters? Yup.


  1. So, I just discovered--very late, 7.5 years later-- Marvin dislikes olives, which Iam intently gnashing.

  2. I heart wine. And America's Funniest Home Videos. I watched it on Hulu tonight with the kids. One of the finalists -not even the winner- was a video of a baby's first steps, then the puppy pooping, then the baby falling down on it's back ONTO the poo pile. Avery and Jack tried to come up with their own plans to win "a hundred million dollars." Ave offered to fall down into a pile of dog doo. "Whaaat? I'll TAKE a shower!"